Tuesday, September 8, 2015

random thought 1

I wasn't heavy TV watcher from the start. But I still remember those days patiently waiting cartoon shows which airs once a week. How mesmerizing was that 20 minutes of cartoon that broadcast on TV only once for 7 long days. People in my tradition say a quote "small amount of loot tastes better". The quote could be interpreted in other ways like "If share is small, no one argues" or "too much prize is always bad for normal person". Can you think of other interpretation?

Since I started this post without direction in mind, but now it got somewhere to go, it's my old days. In those days, my family used to live on only breads rarely sugar and butter on it. Why people misses the childhood most, when it is only one of third at most, and depicts everything very accurately?. Such a tasty butter, I know it was very regular one in Ulaanbaatar. But still deserves the word not just "regular" in my memory as it holds much bigger. It's been 20 years since the day, now I'm not interested in any kind of butter from cheaper to expensive, none of them can hold the place in me like the regular butter.

The Voltron, I already stated the cartoon above. In the cartoon, all sort of vehicles ranging from van to speedy cars, from jets to helicopters will gather and becomes part of bigger Robot. Then fights against monster who comes from space. I guess such fictional cartoon started its way in that time to new millenia. It became basis for current Holiday movies. Even though it's fictional, Voltron has better reality than the Transformers. Because in Transformers, you'll see robots came from other than earth is trying to save humanity, and fighting against its species. How the one specie fight against each other to save others? It just broken the Darwinism. So I stopped watching Transformer series after the realization. Okay, it's enough for me today to write anything except love sshhhh. Haha I'm joking I have no interest in love.

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