Wednesday, September 9, 2015

random thought 2

Once Buddha said "we are product of our thought". It's very simple but thoughtful quote. For easier mind, of course we do what we think and ends up with what we have started. That journey shapes our thoughts. Another yet richful way to look at the quote is, "we are product of our thought, also that thought creates ideal environment of the related action for us". It simply means we are going through the path we chose and creating environment for it. Let's say, when we make first pace in order to achieve something, we ask from our friends to understand me, and help me. That simple request shapes my presence in their mind, therefore they learn how to talk to me. If it's not the case like they didn't change attitude towards me after my request, it's because I already got different position in first place. Unless you give very strong impression, it doesn't change maybe live forever. random thoughts of the day, I hope no one is reading this.

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